Grey Matters Now – 08 Part 2 Emma’s View Of Her Journey / Coping With Emotional and Physical Pain

GMN episode 8 Part 2

Emma’s View of Her Journey/ Coping with Emotional and Physical Pain

This is a follow up to Episode 8 Part 1: Am I The Only One? My Child Is Self-Harming. Make sure you listen to part 1 before part 2

Listen to mom- Jessica’s journey in episode one and Daughter Emma’s perspective of their journey and coping mechanisms in part 2. Listen and learn about her journey to self-discovery. Emma, like her musician father, is able to express herself best through her artistry. This has become a big ingredient in her healing and coping. Both she and her dad Will are so gifted in their personal story telling through their individual creative outlets and through this conduit they beautifully channel raw emotion and gift us with visual art and song.

Emma is now 22 and has since graduated from college. I caught up with her last week and we recorded her unique perspective and story. I had her listen to her mom’s episode and she really liked it and, in her words, expressed that her mom did a good job explaining her perspective. I have to admit – I had NO idea how this would pan out! After listening, she was all in to tell her story from her point of view. She felt by telling her story she may help with the stigma and shame around mental health and give people a more holistic view of their journey and struggles.

Now I have known this young woman since the day she came into this world super early with her 3 pound self. I have spent a lot of time with this fun and loving family but I had no idea the depths of Emma’s struggles with emotional pain and chronic physical pain. Because I am close to her, parts of this conversation are heart breaking for me. I am also so proud of how well she articulates and explains her journey and the courage it took to get this far in her healing process and her ability to become so present and whole as a young woman. I guess my point is have the uncomfortable conversation; it is so worth it in the end!

Thank you, Jessica and Emma, for being so open and sharing your stories!!! Thank you, Will for your open and honest perspective through your incredible song writing and performances and thank you for allowing us to share your families story to help others. You and Jessica have been such great role models for your girls and the rest of us trying to find our balance.

This is a VERY sensitive subject and it was very difficult to find a family willing to share their experience. I want this to always be a safe place to share and a platform for healing and fostering consciousness. This is NOT a forum for judgement, finger pointing or arm chair parenting. This is a platform for conversation, active listening and resources. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions, would like to share or need more resources.

Will Kimbrough writes a lot about life, his family and the road. Will is a critically acclaimed singer song writer from Nashville Tennessee…you can check out some live performances and videos about his family to learn more about Will, tour dates or listen to more music visit

Mental Health Care Resources:

Talk Space –

NAMI – National Alliance On Mental Illness –

7 Cups –

In the San Diego area up2SD –

National Suicide Prevention Hotline – 800-273-8255