Have the latest massacres and disasters left you feeling stunned, fearful, angry, saddened, or polarized?

This free-flowing conversation with my friend, colleague and fellow Social worker Kenn just happened to be a month after The Pulse Night Club shooting and the day of the massacre in the South of France – Bastille Day.

Are you ready to explore the ever-changing tone of the world and the emotional climate change that comes with it?

After a tragedy, shock and horror start to manifest into fear. Navigating through everyday life changes as our perception and new emotions make moving forward in a healing direction challenging. Do you find it hard to figure out how to move from reaction to action and to not be consumed by negativity? Humanity, community, courage, good and beauty exist in a huge way. Oh my goodness – the world has been on quite the roller coaster since this podcast! Join us for a broad open discussion about moving through our world with an open heart and mind.

Do you ever wonder why cat videos are so popular? What is it about animals that makes us feel so good? There’s a bond between animals and humans that is so powerful without even speaking a word.

It was an honor to have Robin Cohen, the director of the Pet Encounter Therapy program at the Helen Woodward Animal Center as our guest to explore and learn more about the unique and powerful human /animal relationship.

This organization has always been a trailblazer; evolving with the times and creating new programs as quickly as the world needs new resources!

Did you think that Helen Woodward Animal Center was just an animal rescue shelter? In this podcast, learn why they’re so much more! A nationally recognized center that provides a variety of services that benefit the community through educational and therapeutic programs for people and humane care and adoption for animals.

I encourage you to link to the HWAC website below and learn more about their impressive and comprehensive services…

The Mission Of The Helen Woodward Animal Center:

Helen Woodward Animal Center’s passionate belief that animals help people and people help animals through trust, unconditional love, and respect creates a legacy of caring. Sharing this philosophy with others, the Center inspires and teaches, locally and globally, the importance of the animal-human bond.


What exactly is a life coach? Someone who guides you to your own intuition and intrinsic ability to reach your goals. Rich says he likes to be like a mirror, reflecting back to his clients the best version of themselves.

In this episode Grey Matters Now explores the resources and compelling journey of a Life Coach. Meet and connect with Richard – a coach who does not sit on the sidelines and is VERY much in the game!

Richard Oceguera is the premiere personal development coach for professionals who want to Be Connected. He offers workshops, customized group training, private coaching and his weekly inspirational Facebook LIVE broadcast Motivation Monday.

In this podcast, we follow Richard’s inspirational journey and hear his own personal awakenings that shaped who he is today.

Learn more about Richard at http://www.FB.com/RichOceguera

Ready to talk trash with folk artist and holistic health practitioner Rodrigo? A unique and deep character who’s collected wisdom along his organic journey living amongst many different cultures. Environmental steward and surfer meets Sanford and Son – we invite you to step into the “fun zone”.

This is the first of a series of podcasts about the environment. Protecting and helping the environment can seem like such a huge task it can leave us feeling overwhelmed and almost paralyzed. Meet Rodrigo; one guy that has been walking the walk and talking the talk of sustainability to live by example his whole life.

Join me and Rodrigo McCoubrey as we discuss how we can make a difference as an individual or a community to keep our planet beautiful. As he says “you’ve got to inspire by doing!” – Let’s talk trash!


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