Grey Matters Now – 04 Kenn

GMN episode 4

Have the latest massacres and disasters left you feeling stunned, fearful, angry, saddened, or polarized?

This free-flowing conversation with my friend, colleague and fellow Social worker Kenn just happened to be a month after The Pulse Night Club shooting and the day of the massacre in the South of France – Bastille Day.

Are you ready to explore the ever-changing tone of the world and the emotional climate change that comes with it?

After a tragedy, shock and horror start to manifest into fear. Navigating through everyday life changes as our perception and new emotions make moving forward in a healing direction challenging. Do you find it hard to figure out how to move from reaction to action and to not be consumed by negativity? Humanity, community, courage, good and beauty exist in a huge way. Oh my goodness – the world has been on quite the roller coaster since this podcast! Join us for a broad open discussion about moving through our world with an open heart and mind.