Grey Matters Now – 08 with Jessica Kimbrough And Tina Page LCSW

GMN episode 8

Am I the only one, am I a bad parent, should I have seen this coming, who can I share this with, who can I talk to that won’t judge us, how do I handle this, where can we go for help…? These seem to be a common theme of questions parents ask when they discover their child is self-harming and or struggling with mental health issues.

Although every family, family dynamic, and mental health struggle is completely unique, it may help to listen to others that have or are going through similar issues and difficulties. It may help to know that this can happen to anyone and that you are not alone. It may also be beneficial to listen to the resources and coping strategies that worked and did not work for them and provide you with some hope. This is a complex issue and there is no quick fix. Hopefully you will hear something that resonates with you and that you and your family may be able to implement into your recipe for healing and balance through this journey. It really is all about finding the right balance for you, your child and your family.

This is just one families story from a mother’s perspective about how they navigated through the tough times. Join me, Tina Page LCSW, and one brave mom Jessica as we explore their family’s experience, coping mechanisms, and resources as they journey through Emma’s struggles.

Emma is now 22 and has since graduated from college. I caught up with her last week and we recorded her unique perspective and story. I had her listen to her mom’s episode and she really liked it and, in her words, expressed that her mom did a good job explaining her perspective. I have to admit – I had NO idea how this would pan out! I wanted her to listen to her mom’s episode because I would not release it unless she was comfortable with it. After listening, she was all in to tell her story from her point of view. She felt by telling her story she may help with the stigma and shame around mental health and give people a more holistic view of their journey and struggles. Stay tuned next week for Part 2 – Emma’s Story.

This is a VERY sensitive subject and it was very difficult to find a family willing to share their experience. I want this to always be a safe place to share and a platform for healing and fostering consciousness. This is NOT a forum for judgement, finger pointing or arm chair parenting. This is a platform for conversation, active listening and resources. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions, would like to share or need more resources.

We end the episode with the song Hey Big Sister from The Home Alone album. Hey Big Sister was written for Emma and Jessica before their second child was born by their dad and husband Will Kimbrough. Hey Big Sister was written, produced and performed by Will Kimbrough. He writes a lot about life, his family and the road. I think Will’s perspective is evident in his artistry. Will is a critically acclaimed singer song writer from Nashville Tennessee…you can check out some live performances and videos about his family to learn more about Will, tour dates or listen to more music visit

Mental Health Care Resources:

Talk Space

NAMI – National Alliance On Mental Illness

7 Cups

In the San Diego area up2SD

National Suicide Prevention Hotline 800-273-8255