Grey Matters Now 09 – Ingredients to fuel our wellness with Erica Fowler

GMN episode 9

Grey Matters Now Episode 9 : Ingredients to fuel our wellness with Erica Fowler

Are we really what we eat? Does what we consume really have an impact on not only us but the planet and society? The answer is yes – what we consume becomes the ingredients that create overall and comprehensive wellness. This is one person’s story of self-discovery and a holistic health journey. Everyone has their unique path they are on but it may help to hear what is in someone else’s tool box.

“I am passionate about conscious living through simple practices that eliminate stress and help create a balanced lifestyle. I want you to find more energy, feel comfortable in your skin, and enjoy life!”

-Erica Fowler

Erica began a career in modeling while she was in college and she realized quickly how certain people treated their bodies to look a certain way. She enjoyed the experiences of runways in LA but also had other dreams to pursue. It was not until life threw her a few curve balls in her early twenties, that she re-aligned with what she wanted her life to be like. Family trauma, a loss of a friend, and life in general seemed to begin to overwhelm her, “It was almost like there was a battle for the first time between my positive, optimistic spirit and everything feeling overwhelming and not having energy.” The anxiety from it often left her nauseous and underweight, no matter what she was consuming. She soon realized how powerful the mind and body connection is. It was such a struggle to have the feeling of depression and anxiety but wanting to be so happy and healthy. Working two jobs and in college, she began to explore how good whole foods and other self-work were for her overall balance. They made such a difference in how she felt. It was something she was in control of and could continue to work on; it quickly became a way of life.

She spent the beginning of her professional career participating in a few technology startups. In the corporate world, not only was lunch catered, but donuts, soda, cake, chips, were all around. She found herself meal planning, bringing food that she knew made her mentally clear and full of energy, and encouraging others by talking about nutrition and holistic healing. She loves helping people and encouraging them through their journeys. She has been studying holistic health remedies, food, and wellness for over a decade. Recently she quit her corporate job to pursue her passion as a holistic health nutritionist and chef and is now concentrating full time on her Business Erica Jane Health. She is a wealth of information and she has quickly become a renowned leader in her field.

Erica Jane Health is a holistic wellness platform that provides services, such as: different types of health coaching, recipe development, meal prep tips, and much more.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a potential eating disorder a reputable national resource is NEDA Feeding Hope

National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders

National Eating Disorder Association


Life Without Ed by Jenni Schaefer & Thom Rutledge

The Body Image Workbook by Thomas F. Cash, PhD

12 Step support groups: Most of these organizations have meetings by phone, in person and online.

Overeaters Anonymous ( Type in find a meeting and then enter the zip code.

Anorexic Bulimics Anonymous ( Type in find a meeting and enter the zip code for the closest meeting.