Grey Matters Now – Episode 12 Part 1: A Teenager’s Guide to Balancing: How To Become Your True Self With Jaysea Devoe

GMN episode 12, part 1

Two years ago I recorded this Episode with Jaysea Devoe who had just turned 15 years old. Jaysea at 12 years old became the youngest certified yoga instructor, youngest S.U.P. yoga instructor, an entrepreneur, a clothing designer and a business owner. These titles are not what are important to her – they just happened to grow from a strong organic passion that happened to come to her at an early age. The most beautiful and impressive thing about her though, in my opinion, is her old soul mixed with the ability to still see the world through the eyes of a child. Jaysea also holds a special beacon of light, a strong connection to the ocean and tool box full of balancing and coping tools. Her personal mission is to use these tools to maintain balance for herself so that she can share her gifts and tools so that others can find and maintain balance and a healthy, fun and full life. She stated she just wants to spread her love of yoga and being in nature and she would like kids her age to follow their dreams and enjoy the present moment. Being a teen is a challenging balance of school pressures, social pressures, hormonal changes and growing pains. Balance and wellness mean blending in essentials like fun, the right friends, nature, movement, and adventure to teen years and life in general. It is back to school time; we all need to share what is in our tool boxes and Jaysea has some spectacular tools. Gather your children and listen together; you are guaranteed to leave inspired and hopeful about navigating the future and grounded in the present moment!!

Stay tuned for part 2 of this episode!!!!! I had a follow up conversation with Jaysea last week 2 years to the date after this conversation. Part 2 is very powerful as getting older, even for her balanced self, comes with rougher terrain. She said, after listening to this episode 1, “Wow it was like I was really talking to my future self!!”.

Below are several links to videos of Jaysea doing her thing and links to socially and environmentally conscious organizations she aligns with and serves as an ambassador:

Episode artwork/photo images by Adam Walker of Sanuk