Episode 41: The Power of Adventures & Pursuing Wild Ideas

GMN Episode 41

Shelby Stanger is the host and creator of the hit podcast, Wild Ideas Worth Living, an REI Co-op Studios production and the author of the new book Will To Wild. Shelby started the Wild Ideas Worth Living podcast on her own though and it became SO popular and influential that REI purchased it in 2020.  Like her adventurous podcast guests, Shelby is a true badass and trailblazer whose trails have led her to major wild outdoor adventures, writing a book, large speaking engagements and even most recently a Ted Talk.

Over the years, her work has appeared everywhere from Outside Magazine to ESPN, and she has spoken to organizations all over the world. Always chasing adventure herself, Shelby has surfed from Canada to Costa Rica; sandboarded down desolate dunes in Cape Town; paddled down a remote portion of the Amazon River; and interviewed countless CEOs, athletes, activists, and thought leaders. She regularly consults with highly motivated individuals and brands to tell better stories and even launch their own podcasts and wild ideas. As a matter of fact she helped me on several occasions when I attended her no bullshit podcasting workshops back when there was little to no support.

She is a genuine enthusiastic, joyful, curious fun, stoked, and insightful human!  And even more so in person. All of that energy is infectious. After following her and interacting with her virtually for like 10 years when I finally met her in person, it was hard to just stick to one avenue. I mean she is my favorite host of my favorite podcast and her new book has enriched my life and motivated me in seriously profound ways! Her adventure roots have grown into something really magnificent that is branching out in all sorts of exciting new directions . I felt like there was so much to explore in such a short amount of time and I wanted to go in so many places!  So …I just let us free flow, we had a fun nonstructured expression session and I think we took the most beautiful scenic route in conversation. We had a blast…Enjoy our talk on the wild side!

To learn more about all things Shelby I really encourage you to visit http://www.shelbystanger.com

Photo with Mic by Jianca Lazarus(Photo)/ Outside Magazine

Photo with surfboard by Sarah Lee

Ukulele and singing by Sheila Grimsley