Episode 38: Resonating With Full Circle Sound Healing: Healing The Mind, Body & Soul Through The Power of Sound with Mary Cap, Sound Healer

GMN Episode 38

Mary Cap is a sound healer based in Carlsbad, CA where she lives with her husband and son. After leaving a fast paced and high stress career in the hotel wedding & events industry to be a stay-at-home mom when her son was born, she found herself feeling lost in both identity and direction after about a year of being at home. Experiencing depression for the first time in her life, she began to unravel the layers of trauma and conditioning that she realized were affecting her everyday life, relationships and ability to live life to the fullest.

This “dark night of the soul” led to a spiritual awakening and ultimately led her to sound healing and starting her own business. Music has been a passion in Mary’s life since she was a young girl, and being able to help others and ease the burden of their stress was what she enjoyed most about her previous career in events. Being able to marry these two is her ultimate calling and purpose in life, allowing her to serve others while also cultivating an important tool for herself as a parent, wife and human who has to navigate the world. The powerful impact that sound and music can have on an individual is no secret, but through Mary’s training with the Sacred Science of Sound, she discovered that there are actual scientific properties behind why – and that it can help to heal your mind, body and soul on a cellular level. Her mission is to help bring this powerful healing modality into the mainstream and hold safe spaces for others to experience this. Her business, Full Circle Sound Healing, was born from her heart and intends to serve her local community.

Mary hosts a monthly Full Moon Sound Bath & Women’s Ritual here in Carlsbad with the intention of creating a community of women and mothers who commit to taking the time to gather together each month and honor nature and their unique gifts as women in the world. Full Circle Sound Healing is only just beginning and Mary offers both private group sessions, individual sessions and couple’s sessions in addition to community events.