Episode 27: Exploring Responsibly Wherever Life Takes Her with Gabaccia Moreno – environmental, human rights & diversity advocate

GMN Episode 27
Gabaccia Moreno is a first-generation Mexican-American multi-disciplinary creator, consultant, and passionate outdoor advocate #exploringresponsibly wherever life takes her. She holds a B.A. in Theater and Anthropology from SUNY College at Buffalo and an M.A. in Performance Studies from New York University.
Growing up in Veracruz, Mexico to a family of hunters and ranchers gave her an appreciation for the land and its wildlife at an early age, one that prevails today. Her works, whether artistic, creative, or entrepreneurial, have always intersected with the social and environmental issues that surround her.
She is most recently serving as a Director of Social Responsibility on the board of Hiking My Feelings, hosting and curating the Joshua Tree National Park Association’s virtual series Desert Live, and has also launched her own Live conversation series named Exploring Responsibly on Instagram.
Today you’ll find her writing, advising businesses and non-profits, or adventuring outside, probably taking photos, fishing, or hiking.
Through written, recorded, photographed storytelling and documentation, she works alongside brands – publications – organizations towards inspiring others to take care of our natural resources, as well as empower them to become the land and people stewards we need in the world.
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