Gabaccia Moreno is a first-generation Mexican-American multi-disciplinary creator, consultant, and passionate outdoor advocate #exploringresponsibly wherever life takes her. She holds a B.A. in Theater and Anthropology from SUNY College at Buffalo and an M.A. in Performance Studies from New York University.
Growing up in Veracruz, Mexico to a family of hunters and ranchers gave her an appreciation for the land and its wildlife at an early age, one that prevails today. Her works, whether artistic, creative, or entrepreneurial, have always intersected with the social and environmental issues that surround her.
She is most recently serving as a Director of Social Responsibility on the board of Hiking My Feelings, hosting and curating the Joshua Tree National Park Association’s virtual series Desert Live, and has also launched her own Live conversation series named Exploring Responsibly on Instagram.
Today you’ll find her writing, advising businesses and non-profits, or adventuring outside, probably taking photos, fishing, or hiking.
Through written, recorded, photographed storytelling and documentation, she works alongside brands – publications – organizations towards inspiring others to take care of our natural resources, as well as empower them to become the land and people stewards we need in the world.
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Chef Mic True is an award winning international chef that has committed himself to feeding and introducing his community to healthy food rooted from the earth. He is an incredibly humble and holistic chef and peace warrior that feeds the mind body and soul of his community. As a Violence interrupter with Gideon’s Army, he nurtures and protects the roots of his community and helps to fuel the powerful movement and mission of this extremely comprehensive and effective endeavor.

Chef True feeds and nurtures a community starving for representation, protection, tools, mentors and trauma first response – a community zip code 37208 in Nashville, TN with the highest incarceration rate in the nation!

The Mission of Gideon’s Army is to act collectively, boldly and strategically as a unified force for all children and to dismantle the school to prison pipeline. I love one of their latest posts that reads: Stop blaming systematic failures on individuals trapped in that system. Fight for people to have better choices.

On March 3, a devastating tornado ripped through North Nashville leveling hundreds of homes and businesses. Now in the midst of a global pandemic and civil unrest, Gideon’s Army is STILL working non-stop on the front lines every day assisting and supporting North Nashville. As a matter of fact, Mic True is so busy in the field, that we recorded the whole podcast in his truck via zoom while he juggled his community work with the construction of a new vegan restaurant, market and resource center in the center of 37208 an area considered a food desert. We even get to go through the building with him in the podcast and I’m introduced to Rasheedat Fetuga the founder and CEO of Gideon’s Army when she pops her head in the truck. Rasheedat is an absolute genius and a goddess BTW.

I encourage you to visit and learn more about this impressive and comprehensive organization as I am just barely able to highlight the surface of all they do. There is SO much to learn and it WORKS!!! I am personally learning SO much and have been so inspired that I have gone down a rabbit hole of reading and watching documentaries about other inner-city programs that implement violence interruption. I hope you are inspired to do the same – the more we know the more connections we can make to fill the gaps of a disconnected broken system.

Thank you Chef True for your truth and for your passion that lights the high road for us all with hope and shines a light on the deep roots of a community sometimes overlooked.

To learn more about Chef Mic True, his mouth watering recipes, and his live interactions with his healing communities, follow him on IG @chefmictrue or @mictrue. To learn more about Gideon’s Army visit follow Gideon’s Army United on IG.

As they say #weallwegot

The end of the podcast / the altro was created as a very special production.

Tanee Osborne is a female West African Drummer from LA . Through a mutual friend I contacted Tanee about her thoughts and potentially playing the drums for this episode. She expressed that she felt this to be a divine vibrational connection to Chef True, she too is a black Vegan and she would love to play. Tanee is a very special woman – she is joined by fellow drummer and African dancer Daunte for this gift of vibrational percussion. Chef True loved it!

You can follow Tanee and Daunte on IG @taneetheto, @daansekou, @iamkingtae

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Natalie Small is a LMFT and the founder and CEO of a unique surf therapy program called Groundswell Community Project.

Groundswell Community Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that offers surf therapy for self-identifying women overcoming various forms of trauma and it’s effects. With their home roots in San Diego, California and branches that extend across the globe, they are a transformational community of surfsisters who provide intersectional, brave, and safe spaces for all self-identifying women to find their unique healing, community, and power in the waves of Mother Ocean.

Groundswell’s surf therapy curriculum is grounded in positive psychology, somatic and arts-based therapy modalities and mindfulness practices. They are proud members of International Surf Therapy Org, supporting the advancement of surf therapy research and best practices. Their Surf Therapy sessions are unique in that they are facilitated and supervised by licensed trauma-informed therapists and surf coaches that hold intentional, safe and brave space to invite your body, mind, and heart to join you in the healing process and adventure of surfing. Their hope is that every surfsister who opts into the programs creates their own sustainable surf practice held and supported by a community of surfsisters. We recorded this episode at the end of May which is mental health awareness month. Natalie is currently in Peru due to the Covid virus quarantine and closed borders and was generous enough to drop in to a conversation with GMN to address new and old traumas we are experiencing during this global pandemic.

Natalie also connected me to Leanne Tibiatowski so that she could join the conversation as well. Leanne attended the groundswell community project to help process and heal from complicated trauma. She found it to be so healing that she bravely decided to share her story to validate and provide light and hope to others. Leanne is proof of the strong ripple effect of this program and has developed support and advocacy groups of her own that also reach women all over the world.

Leanne is a local San Diegan committed to creating healthy community experiences that ignite authentic communication, self-discovery, friendship, and professional connections. She is a facilitator, speaker, and writer. Leanne is known for her ability to create safe spaces for small and large groups where truth, transformation, and connection happen. Her knowledge base includes emotional literacy, communication, leadership, mindfulness, grief, trauma, bereavement, surf therapy, PTSD, community, conflict resolution, and personal development. she is The Founder of Together We Rise: and In 2 Clarity:


Leanne’s passion project… our solution to the pain and suffering we see in the world around us.

We create safe spaces where women feel free to be themselves.

We recorded this in May to highlight Mental Health Awareness Month. It is apparent now, more than ever that every month and every day should be about mental health awareness. Since recording this episode, the world’s waves have kept shifting and traumatic events have compiled as we have been slowly phasing out of quarantine. This pandemic has us perfectly positioned to sit with and process images, first person stories and social viruses. The tipping point for a perfect storm. The waves may be new but the undercurrent is always there. Again… new trauma, old trauma, intergenerational trauma and cumulative trauma. Thank you Rachel Mauricio from Groundswell Community Project for recording our intro and your poignant and powerful perspective as a black woman and a surfer!!!!!

Sister Circles. Educational Workshops. Retreats. Community + Team Building Events. Support Groups. 

Research-based surf therapy that builds safe & Brave community for those on their healing journey.

You can find a variety, integrative and comprehensive list of mental health resources:





Captain Liz Clark traveled over 20,000 miles Sailing to Surf and explore and wrote a book called Swell – a sailing surfer’s voyage of awakening. She is an incredibly gifted writer, a legit waterwoman, her first mate was a rescued Cat Amelia the Tropicat, and she absolutely rips as a surfer! She also has the most sweet and gentle energy and is a genuinely kind human committed to Loving our planet & animals completely. I discuss her book a lot amongst my friends and on this podcast because she illustrates so well through her writing the parallels of wellness maintenance of her vessel (her boat) and her human vessel and spirit.

We recorded this episode in February 2020 with Liz live from the Island of Tahiti in French Polynesia. We had a bit of sound quality issues but I think it makes the recording sound so exotic!!! Today is April 1 2020 and I am referencing the date because a lot has happened and escalated in the world since our recording in February. We are globally and collectively experiencing a health pandemic so surreal it feels like an awful sci fi movie or an April fool’s joke! The Corona Virus – something that has us on lock down, quarantined and practicing something called social distancing. This virus is not only affecting our physical health – it is seriously affecting the mental health of so many. This podcast episode is SO timely!!!! This is Liz’s post on Instagram regarding our current situation:

“Stormy times we’re in, my friends. Ironically, our Oneness is more evident than ever, even though the most compassionate action we can take right now is to stay separated from others.
Self-quarantine reminds me a lot of a sea passage. Time slows down, you become very present. Simple daily tasks take on more meaning. Resources are limited. You deal with the gusts and squalls as they come, because there is too much uncertainty to plan a week or a month out. You just have to appreciate what’s good right now. The angst of hurry is gone, and what a luxury that is in our modern world … time to stop and reflect on who we are, as individuals, as a society… what would we like to improve on, should we hold this course? Or alter it a few degrees … or more? Time is a gift these days. May we slow down and enjoy the subtleties that we miss in our constant hurry. And do what we can from our confinement, to help those being severely affected by the virus and its widespread impacts. Beaming love to all, especially the world’s most vulnerable, and our healthcare workers. You are all heroes! “


SO I hope you find inspiration, validation and comfort from this special podcast episode. If you are looking for a great book that you won’t be able to put down read Swell – you will not be disappointed.

Make sure you listen to the song at the end of the episode. It is the song Liz chose as her life theme song right now.  Bob Marley’s Coming In From The Cold written by Bob Marley and performed by the uber-talented musician Will Kimbrough…..Thanks Will for cranking this out for me – what an incredible gift! To learn more about Will you can follow him on Instagram, Facebook or .

Captain Liz Clark’s book may have an ending but her story does not!!!! Living on the Island of Tahiti in French Polynesia she is currently spearheading and a part of new organizations that will make the world a better, healthier, more beautiful place. Keep following her journey through the following links. Thanks, Liz, for all you do for planet earth and those that inhabit it. You are a genuinely kind and epic human!!

Learn about and keep up with Captain Liz Clark :, Liz shares her journey with the world in an effort of inspire people to live out their passions, spend more time in nature, engage in self-awareness and personal growth, and develop a consciousness of their everyday planetary impact.

Instagram: @captainlizclark

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Inocente the documentary won an Academy Award in 2013, among many other awards, and should be a required watch for everyone! It is an incredibly important film and just as relevant now as it was when it was filmed as we are still struggling with a serious homeless crisis and lack of funding for after school programs and the arts.

At 15 years old, Inocente the human courageously and vulnerably told her whole story to the world in hopes of putting a face with homelessness (among other huge challenges), bring attention to the importance of what works and to validate others going through similar situations.⁣ Her story did not start with the film nor did it end when the cameras stopped rolling . She stated that one of the most common misconceptions is that she became wealthy after the film won an Oscar. As the subject of a documentary she was not paid. As a matter of fact, The film was financed by Kickstarter and was the first crowdfunded film to win an Oscar. New doors and opportunities did open for her but getting through those doors and utilizing her opportunities on her own were challenging. She did it though and used her platform to become an advocate to end homelessness, keep the arts in schools and facilitate immigration education.

Now 26, she opened up for the first time about the challenges and passages she has been experiencing now along with the details of her life story before any film documentation began. She is still willing to open up and be completely vulnerable in hopes of creating a greater good. Our very organic and candid conversation involved a lot of courage and processing.

Through this processing of childhood events that come up as we become young adults, she came to an understanding that self-care is the path to her newly evolving passions. Let me tell you when this young lady is inspired to do something- there’s absolutely nothing that’s going to get in her way she will push through anything to a higher order of thinking.

After recording an emotional conversation, we went outside into the sunshine and the energy felt light, hopeful and inspiring. At the beginning of the documentary when she was 15 she begins with dear people of the world …. so I asked her present self how she would begin her address… She said it is time to take care of herself before she can take care of anyone else. So… she said “Dear Me…”

To Contact Inocente and or set up a screening facilitated by her:


“Three Is The Magic Number” – performed by Canela Rose McCoubrey

Recorded and sound wizardry – Arden Rock Records

For more information about homelessness and domestic violence resources:

Find your local Community Resource Center!   (domestic violence hotline)

Grey Matters Now Patreon –