Mary Cap is a sound healer based in Carlsbad, CA where she lives with her husband and son. After leaving a fast paced and high stress career in the hotel wedding & events industry to be a stay-at-home mom when her son was born, she found herself feeling lost in both identity and direction after about a year of being at home. Experiencing depression for the first time in her life, she began to unravel the layers of trauma and conditioning that she realized were affecting her everyday life, relationships and ability to live life to the fullest.

This “dark night of the soul” led to a spiritual awakening and ultimately led her to sound healing and starting her own business. Music has been a passion in Mary’s life since she was a young girl, and being able to help others and ease the burden of their stress was what she enjoyed most about her previous career in events. Being able to marry these two is her ultimate calling and purpose in life, allowing her to serve others while also cultivating an important tool for herself as a parent, wife and human who has to navigate the world. The powerful impact that sound and music can have on an individual is no secret, but through Mary’s training with the Sacred Science of Sound, she discovered that there are actual scientific properties behind why – and that it can help to heal your mind, body and soul on a cellular level. Her mission is to help bring this powerful healing modality into the mainstream and hold safe spaces for others to experience this. Her business, Full Circle Sound Healing, was born from her heart and intends to serve her local community.

Mary hosts a monthly Full Moon Sound Bath & Women’s Ritual here in Carlsbad with the intention of creating a community of women and mothers who commit to taking the time to gather together each month and honor nature and their unique gifts as women in the world. Full Circle Sound Healing is only just beginning and Mary offers both private group sessions, individual sessions and couple’s sessions in addition to community events.

A couple of years ago I started following a social media account Salted Spirit because I was so drawn to the beautiful images of this cool waterwoman podcasting and serving tea at the beach from my ultimate dream recording studio – a vintage Westfalia named Salted Carmela.

This beautiful salted spirit is Stacie Vanags and she was creating something way deeper and more comprehensive than just beautiful images. Her mission was to make her way around Southern California, hosting Salted Spirit podcasts, workshops and cultivating COMMUNITY for waterwomen.  Her workshops focus on techniques and strategies for work/life balance, pursing passions, mindfulness and resilience.

Turns out Stacie has a background in mental health and the abbreviated version of her full time job is to help large companies develop innovative plans that prioritize the mental health of their employees.

So …everything this generous salted spirit is offering through social media, workshops, newsletters and websites is completely from her heart – pure organic passion projects. Amazing and selfless huh?!!!  Well It gets even better and more fun and she is sharing even more as she takes the world along with her and her husband in an unvarnished evolution to design a happier, healthier and more sustainable life. Stacie invites the world to join them in this pursuit via the creation of Teaquila Farm.

Teaquila Farm documents their journey building an urban farm in Ventura, California as they lean into sustainable urban farming practices, gardening, composting, planting for biodiversity, raising backyard chickens, and more! More indeed… In doing this she is really really expanding her community. A community of folks that are creating foundations together rolling their sleeves up getting their hands in the dirt, getting grounded, creating healthy nourishing gardens, creating growth root to rise growth and hope for the future.

I love my garden so much – it grounds me and nurtures me and feeds me.

Through Teaquila Farm it has been super fun to connect with others that have so many seeds of wisdom and tools to share.

When we connect, even if it’s virtually, we create community gardens and right now we need grounding and a lot of community!

I love this snippet from Teaquila Farms latest newsletter:
“You take a bunch of selfies with a strawberry and immediately forget about all the time, money and energy you invested to get a single strawberry, and it’s aaaaaall worth it.

Life is sweet, you’ve officially started urban farm life.

These small victories in the garden keep us encouraged, but nature also keeps us humble.

Nature reminds us we cannot control the outcome or speed things up to meet our human timeline. There is a basket of lessons just waiting to be dished up to us over time if our hearts are open to listening. Audrey Hepburn said to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

Thanks Stacie and Teaquila Farm for the hope, light and heaps of fun!
Planting New Thoughts, Weeding Out the Old – GoodTherapy


To learn more about gardening’s mental health benefits check out Mind & Soil’s guide to Mindful Gardening.

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One common tool in everyones wellness, healing and navigation toolbox and mentioned in every podcast episode is breath.  Yes – we need breath to exist, but we also need it to live and thrive.  Whether we feel stuck, paralyzed, escalated or ungrounded by the weight of the world or everyday challenges, breathing is our vehicle to navigate forward. Our breath is a powerful and exciting tool that can take us many more places than just forward.  A guide and expert can show us how to utilize this tool we carry with us everywhere, to unlock new spaces and experiences.

As a surfer, husband, father of two young girls, and an owner of two start-up businesses, Reis Paluso found himself searching for a way to maintain balance in life. By making a mind-body connection through the Wim Hof Method and summiting mountains in sub-zero temperatures wearing only shorts he began on a journey of unlocking his true potential and found the capacity to dig in just that much deeper into the things he is passionate about. After some exciting self discovery, he followed his heart down the path of becoming a certified Wim Hof Method instructor Instructor, breathwork coach, facilitator, and co-founder of Our Breath Collective in order to share these powerful tools with the world.  Our Breath Collective is a phenomenal  ndeavor with a vision to share the power of breath to inspire the extraordinary by connecting community with daily breathing sessions and breath education.

Like all of our healing and wellness tools, breathwork is not one-sized-fits-all. We are all slightly different, particularly our nervous systems. This is why Reis takes a multi disciplinary, principle-based approach to breathing. It provides the ability to work with individuals and groups based on their specific needs. He believes we all have the innate power to be Happy, Strong, and Healthy so let’s do this together! There is so much power and energy in collective healing and wellness work. Reis and Our Breath Collective hosts a variety of amazing experiences, classes, workshops, daily live breaths, private training, and retreats. To learn about and be a part of all these epic opportunities follow Reis and Our Breath Collective on IG and check out their websites linked in my show notes.

Breathe and enjoy!
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Best selling author David Magee, formerly a columnist for Newsweek, a former daily newspaper and magazine publisher, and the author of many books about businesses and sports figures began to shift his focus when he wrote wrote an article for the front page of the local paper in 2016. This personal article ripped the bandage off a wound, to air out and share for a greater good and healing all around. It began with these 2 sentences:

“A new freshman class started at Ole Miss this week and I wish I could tell them ALL this story.

It’s about my oldest son William, who was a freshman in 2008, he would gladly tell you himself if only he were alive.”

By the next morning the story had gone viral and read by millions of people not only coast to coast but all over the world!!

The ripple affect of this article turned into waves of conversations, community and brainstorming about the why’s re: drug overdoeses, substance misuse, addiction and mental health…evolving into tangible solutions with the opening of the first wellness center of it’s kind on a college campus – The William Magee Center For Wellness.

David decided to go deeper turning his focus inward, layers kept coming off and a lot of these layers were dark and uncomfortable yet he kept going. Peeling off layers of intergenerational trauma, addiction, loss and shame. Shedding these old personal heavy layers of responsibility eventually uncovered truth and lightness of self discovery and the joy out weighed the darkness of the past until they reached a personal and family core, and pages were made. He and his supportive family became fully vulnerable and discovered a bright heart center at that core and new found space for more light and love to hold and shine back out to the world.

These pages and this journey of self discovery is now a best selling book:
Dear William: A Father’s Memoir of Addiction, Love and Recovery.

Dear William began as a grassroots movement in order to push the healing message farther to those who can benefit. This has also branched into public speaking, Ted Talks, National News, round table discussions…the branches are limitless

In my opinion there is a reason this book became a best seller in just a couple of weeks and book stores all over the country are hustling to keep it in stock.

What David has done with this book is bust down the door of shame and free everyone that was locked behind it to share their own stories and to discuss topics normally considered taboo, weak, embarrassing or sordid. Free people to breathe….I am not alone…free people to make their OWN decisions…free people of peer pressure….free students to care about and help their peers…free us all to dump all of our, now uncorded, de-stigmatized shame, crap and laundry out in the open. We are all now free, chains cut weights lifted, able to move forward to discuss and sort through all this old uncomfortable stuff together and finally use it to problem solve. It frees my generation to stop the cycle of silence and walls and what our parents considered airing dirty laundry in public. W are free to come together as a community to create some solutions to foster compassion, healing and brainstorm about solutions.

Thank you Magee family for sharing how to take tragedy, struggles and dark truths into light, strength and hope.

I have had THE most profound, deep and beautiful conversations after sharing this book , I can’t wait for you to have the same experience after reading and sharing

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Tina Page is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of California. She has been creating and holding safe space for individuals for over 20 years. In both informal settings as well as in structured therapy settings she utilizes intuitive wisdom and best practice approaches that support each individual in their journey.

For the past 3 years, she has provided therapeutic services on-line and has worked with people all over the world. Her ability to connect and create a safe and compassionate space while challenging her clients transcends technological limitations.

She has also been a big support and been a part of several of my podcasts over the years as a colleague, staff expert and guest.

Tina is not only a friend but someone I really really like and admire as a professional and as a human. She is a wise woman that thinks outside the box and is consistently very open to weaving new and innovative healing tools into her own fabric in order to provide the best and most comprehensive care for her clients.

Tina has most recently created a program called rerooting circles. For the first time she candidly shares on this episode about how she had her epiphany and vision for this program. Rerooting circles (original title) was created out of the realization that what we circle around is what we root into. This idea came to her in February 2019 and she continued to nurture it, practice it, and explore its deep meanings. As our current way of living in this world has been taking on a drastic shifts, the concepts behind Rerooting could not be more necessary and timely.

Rerooting Circles also has a podcast and Tina and I thought it would be cool to do something different and record our podcasts together…like a duet we brought our own tones and sounds to create a unique and harmonious episode. It was super fun – enjoy!